Olympus gaming is A brand new multi-game organization that plans on helping players reach high tier in their games respectively. We also welcome anyone who is simply just a fan of video games in general, or just wants to meet new people.As the community grows, we will be holding multiple tournaments both competitively and for fun within the community. Also keep an eye out for our teams broadcasted games, podcasts, and any news in the community.

Owner Adriana "Twirk" Martinez is a former T2 coach and ex top T3 flex player in Overwatch. Unfortunately due to medical reasons had to take a break from the competitive scene. Upon return, she had realized she had lost the desire to continue on with competitive gaming but missed the environment. She wanted to use the knowledge she's learned in eSports as well as continuing to help players in their path to pro, which is how Olympus Gaming came to mind. Twirk wants to help give people in the eSports community, who are struggling to find motivation, something to look forward to in a high skilled environment.